How to keep your HEXY safe


If you plan to store more than $10,000 of HEXY, you should get a hardware wallet. Keep in mind that even a small $1000 investment may easily grow into a $10,000 one. Hardware wallets are very easy to use, so don't be intimidated.

1) Buy a Trezor Model One (roughly $70).
2) Once your Trezor arrives follow the directions and set it up. Write down the 12 "seed" words (or "secret recovery phrase") it shows you by hand with a pen on a piece of paper. Store that piece of paper in a different location from your Trezor; such as a safe desposit box at your bank, or in the house of a friend or family member you trust.
3) Download the MetaMask browser extension.
4) Connect your Trezor to MetaMask.
5) Send a small amount of HEXY to your Trezor (the Ethereum address shown within MetaMask).
6) Try sending the amount back to another wallet you own to test if your Trezor works and you set up everything correctly.
7) Learn more about how HEXY works, keep an eye on your Stakes, talk with the community, be responsible.


- Lose your secret recovery phrase (or "seed"), show it to anyone, make a photo of it, store it online or print it out. Never ever type those 12 words into any computer or give them to someone who's asking for them. If you need to restore your wallet you enter the 12 words on the Trezor itself. If a website asks for your seed words it is 100% a scam.
- Split the 12 words up. Write all of them in the right order on a single piece of paper.
- Write down something like "Backup for my $50,000 HEXY investment" next to the 12 words. You'll remember what they are for without writing anything next to them.

- Brag about how rich you are. If you really need to, do it online and as anonymously as possible. Use an alias.

- Get greedy. Never try margin trading. You will lose all of your money.
- Answer random DMs from "admins" that try to help you. They are all scammers. There is no YalaHEX or HEXY support/help desk.
- Spam, shill, be rude.

- Buy something you don't understand.
- Expect profits from the work of others. HEXY is not a security, nobody will work for you. Nobody owes you anything.
- Send funds to YalaHEX contract address directly. If no function is called, the funds will be lost forever.
- Forget to redeem your HEXY to receive your HEX & HDRN. If unclaimed for over a year, the HEX & HDRN is sent to origin address.

I own less than $1000 of HEXY

In this case using plain MetaMask without a hardware wallet is sufficiently secure. Still write down your secret recovery phrase.

It's not worth it to spend $100 on a piece of hardware to protect less than $1000.

I own more than $1M of HEXY

Congratulations! Consider a multi-sig setup with Gnosis Safe. Essentially multi-sig requires multiple wallets to sign off before a transaction can be made. This is a little bit more complex than just using a hardware wallet but worth it for storing larger amounts of HEXY. Especially for long term storage like 5555 Stakes Gnosis is a good choice.

In case you need any help consider asking the HEX community about how you can set up a Gnosis Safe.

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