How HEXY works

YalaHEX stake & redeem

How to redeem HEXY 🪜

Once minted, $HEXY can be traded on Uniswap.

To redeem $HEXY, you must first ungroup it. When you ungroup 1 $HEXY, you receive 15 yHEXY tokens that represent each yearly HEX stake pool.

To learn more, please click "read more" below. Whitepaper is being prepared..
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HEXY group & ungroup stakes

YalaHEX is built on HEX

Learn more about HEX:


HEX is special

HEX & YalaHEX reward responsibility.

You are solely responsible for your decisions. Don't consider things as financial advice unless they're labeled as such. Don't expect profit from the work of others. Be responsible, take only reasonable risks, always read the disclaimers and do your own research. Keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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