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card_membership YalaHEX (HEXY) is the first 🥇 tokenized 5555 days HEX staking ladder 🪜
verified_user Mint your HEXY once, and then redeem HEX & HDRN every year for 15 years
verified_user All wallets that own HEX will receive 1 HEXY on smart contract deployment day
verified_user 1 HEXY = 1 HEX during a 30 days minting phase
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On Pulsechain fork day, all eHEXY holders will receive their pHEXY copy on Pulsechain!
Why YalaHEX?

YalaHEX is on Twitter!

The first 🥇 HEX staking ladder 🪜

YalaHEX (HEXY) is the first 🥇 tokenized 5555 days HEX staking ladder 🪜.
Mint HEXY once, redeem HEX & HDRN every year for 15 years!

YalaHEX is a smart contract for trustlessly pooling 15 HEX stakes laddered yearly. The pledged HEX pool is staked as follows:
- 14 yearly stakes of 5.555% of total HEX pledged laddered yearly.
- 1 stake of 22.23% of total HEX pledged for 5555 days.

To learn more, please click "read more" below. Whitepaper is being prepared..
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Mint Phase
Redeem Phase

Get started in only 4 steps

file_downloadGet MetaMask Download & install the MetaMask wallet extension on a desktop browser like Chrome. You can store and manage your HEXY, HEX & HDRN in this Ethereum wallet.
credit_cardBuy HEX & ETH You can buy HEX directly with your credit card on buy.hex.com or your MetaMask on ethhex.com. You need ETH in your wallet to pay transaction fees on Ethereum.
swap_horizMint HEXY Visit Mint HEXY, connect your MetaMask wallet with the blue button & pledge HEX. You receive 1 HEXY for each HEX pledged. Leave some ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees.
account_balanceRedeem it! You already own HEXY at this point, congratulations!
Now you can reddem HEX and HDRN every year for 15 years or trade HEXY and other tokens on Uniswap.
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YalaHEX Roadmap
pHEXY on Pulsechain
HEXY vs. HEX Hypothetical Prices Prediction

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